Mack Peed Jamaican Cerasee

Mack Peed Jamaican Cerasee

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 Cerasee is made from the leaves and stems of the Bitter Melon plant, it is used throughout Jamaica and the Caribbean as a potent blood purifier, known to lower blood sugar, blood pressure, aid digestive issues and kill parasites or worms. it  also has the ability to cleanse drug related toxins from the body.

Like its fruit, the Cerasee plant has a very bitter taste. The tea is prepared from both leaves and stems. It  be should be well sweetened with both honey, agave or pure cane sugar, cinnamon can be added flavor while maintaining the amazing therapeutic benefits which we get more into below.

Cerasee is rich in Vitamins A, C, iron and phosphorous, it is excellent in exceling the detoxification of the body. It has the ability to fight inflammation, lower Cholesterol and protect the heart. Tisane made from the Cerasee plant (leaves and stems) have a higher concentration of gallic acid, then their fruit. This polyphenol possesses powerful hypoglycemic and anti-hypertensive properties, which is what aids is lowering blood sugar and blood pressure levels. Cerasee's has long been used to kill worms and parasite in the body, due to its anti-microbial properties, along with its laxative effects which also help to expel them. It also helps to stimulate bile production, as many bitters do, that will help break down food and relieve bloating and constipation.   

Cerasee is a long time remedy used to flush residual medication and drug related toxins like THC, and other drugs out of the blood. If used continuously over a short period of time, its potent diuretic properties can dehydrate the body, so be careful when using and drink plenty of water. 

Cerasee Tea is also a great remedy for women experiencing menstrual cramps. It helps to alleviate pain and cramps.